Our Workforce

We have employed a team of hardworking individuals who helps us in the smooth execution of all the activities. Our team comprises experts in various domains who are working in coordination with each other to achieve common objective of meeting client satisfaction. Our production personnel keep a track on all activities to ensure products manufactured are of highest standards and as per clients requirements. our procurement or purchasing staff help us in identifying the best companies for raw material and developed products. Apart from this, we organize training sessions and seminars on regular intervals to keep our staff updated as per the latest market dynamics.


We have gained recognition in the industry for our abilities to rapidly improve our manufacturing capabilities through continuous investments in infrastructure. It has specialized departments for designing, production, quality control, logistics etc to ensure seamless operations. Our manufacturing department is equipped with modern machines and technology to support in quick and flawless production process. Furthermore, tasks relating to research take place in our R&D unit to ensure innovation in production process. Also, our spacious warehouse aids in organized and safe storage of products.

Products Portfolio

We are known for
manufacturing, exporting, supplying, trading and wholesaling/ distributing below mentioned products:

  • Water Purifiers
    • Domestic Water Purifiers
    • Commercial Water Purifiers
    • Industrial Water Purifiers
    • RO Water Purifiers
  • RO Products
    • Alkaline RO
    • Counter Top RO Systems
  • Alkaline Products
    • Alkaline Water Sticks
    • Alkanline Water Jugs
    • Anti Oxidant Alkaline Ion Filters
    • Anti Oxidant Alkaline Sticks
  • Water Dispensers
    • Hot Water Dispensers
    • Cold Water Dispensers
  • Water Plants
    • DM Water Plants
    • DI Water Plants
  • Multi Functional Massager Slimming Belts
  • Energy Pendents
  • Health Care Products
  • Dental Jets
  • Vitamin C Products
  • Health Line Products
  • Water Softeners
  • Coin Operated Water Vending Machines

In addition, we are a reputed
importer of Alkaline RO, Alkanline Water Jugs, Ozone Vegetables and Water Purifiers.


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